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EMERG is a co-operation between telecommunications regulators of the Mediterranean area.

Visitors can find basic information about EMERG and its members. Members have access to more detailed information and can use it to exchange ideas and best practises.


The first EMERG/NATP3 Workshop during 2013 was on NGN investment and acces regulation and it took place in Nicosia, Cyprus, on 23rd and 24th April 2013.

Being the first workshop exploring this subject, it aimed at exploring the state of play with regard to NGA investment and access regulation. In specific, to take a closer look into regulatory dilemmas that have arisen and have NRAs share their respective countries’ experiences and how they have dealt with them. Unavoidably this led into a fruitful discussion of recent recommendations and guidelines of the European Commission and BEREC in relation to investment in next generation / fibre networks that ensure an environment that is conducive to new investment. At the end of the workshop the participants presented their country specific status and exchanged ideas on different approaches serving different markets.

All the information on this event may be find here. Special attention given to the report that shall be submitted to the EMERG Plenary Assembly 2014, to take note and to approve.