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EMERG is a co-operation between telecommunications regulators of the Mediterranean area.

Visitors can find basic information about EMERG and its members. Members have access to more detailed information and can use it to exchange ideas and best practises.

Mr. Mohamed Al-Taani, current Chair of EMERG, has participated at the BEREC-REGULATEL summit which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between 21 and 22 July, under the topic "Internet and regulatory challenges”. This summit between the european regulators and the latin american ones also featured the participation of the European Commission, ICANN and ITU.

Mr. Mohamed Al-Taani spoke on "NGN among EMERG members", referring mainly to the conclusions of the EMERG workshop on NGN, held in Cyprus in 2013. In this context, Mr. Al-Taani mentioned the sharp cleavage between MENA countries and European partners; the fact that even among MENA countries there are big differences; presented the Jordan example, with allusion to the Jordanian broadband promotion policy and the launch of 4G access, in December this year.