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EMERG is a co-operation between telecommunications regulators of the Mediterranean area.

Visitors can find basic information about EMERG and its members. Members have access to more detailed information and can use it to exchange ideas and best practises.

The Spain's National Authority on Markets and Competition (CNMC) will host the BEREC-EMERG-EaPeReg-REGULATEL Summit, which will take place on 2nd and 3rd July 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.

This is the first time High Level representatives from EMERG and BEREC meet together to enhance the regulatory dialogue between the European and the MENA countries. This outstanding event will also count with the participation of the Eastern Partnership Electronic Communications Regulators Networks (EaPeReg) and the Latin American Forum of Telecommunications Regulators (REGULATEL).

The Summit will be a valuable opportunity for EMERG to discuss about the more significant aspects of the sectorial regulation with regulators’ platforms from the rest of the World and it will ultimately to the promotion of future institutional cooperation initiatives.

Under the title, Challenges for telecoms in the new Internet Ecosystem, the discussion will be articulated around three issues:

  • The internet ecosystem: challenges for the regulation.
  • Broadband: Access and connectivity, new generation networks and the deployment in rural and remote areas.
  • Broadband services and quality standards from the consumer’s point of view.

Barcelona is the host city for the 2015 EMERG Plenary, on March 6th, under the chairmanship of the Spanish sector regulator, CNMC. This meeting has an important agenda to deal with, including the approval of relevant documents (such as the Benchmark Report), as well as the 2015 Work Plan (which, among other things, aims at launching experts working groups on benchmark, NRAs regulatory decision process, NRAs' powers for request of information request and IP Interconnection) and the approval of ammendments to EMERG Charter and the Rules of Procedures. Next meeting will be in July, expectadely in Barcelona, under the context of the Joint Summit with BEREC.