SOM, Nov. 2013

From 18 to 19 November, it was held in Athens, Greece, the first meeting on the Southern Mediterranean dialogue on Electronic Communications & the Information Society, an event organized by the European Commission.

This meeting aimed at bringing together the various stakeholders involved in ensuring the right regulatory environment in the electronic communications sector at the Euro-Mediterranean region, under a cooperation framework between Europe and the Mediterranean Partner Countries. Also, it aimed at agreeing on the recommendations and achievements of cooperation among regulators and other regional stakeholders, accordingly to the approved Joint Statement.

All the information (agenda, reference documents and final Joint Statement) is available here.


From 9 to 10 October, it was held in Barcelona, the EMERG workshop on MVNOs, in a co-organized event with the Spanish regulator, CNMC.

You may now access to the given presentations, as well as to the agenda here. Also, as soon as the report from the workshop is finalised, it will be made available here.

The final report from the EMERG Workshop on Cost Accounting Methodologies, held in Vienna, Austria, 3-4 July 2013, is now available here [EMERG CN(13)03]. It shall be submitted to the next CN and to the EMERG Plenary Assembly 2014, to take note and to approve.

The Number Portability workshop was held in Istanbul on 11-12 September 2013 provided a good platform to exchange views and ideas over the NP implementation of the countries in the region. Key factors on this subject, as well as drawbacks, obstacles, challenges and lessons learned when implementing were evaluated in detail.

Meeting participants were of the opinion that main challenging area for NP implementation
are establishing good cooperation and collaborative work among operators and NRAs,
establishment and financing central database system, abuse and failures in porting
process (delays, unsuccessful port, abuse in porting, slamming etc.) and difficulty in
decreasing the porting times to 1 day or minutes. Participating NRAs noted the future issues for NP as follows:

• Adoption and/or optimisation of centralised solution,
• Decreasing time limits (porting times, downtimes etc.) within the porting process,
• Improving the number porting process for smooth and reliable operation,
• Well functioning of the coordination within the all stakeholders,
• Modification of the existing system to adopt changing environment (NGN, IP based
systems etc.),
• Implementation of fixed to mobile number portability,
• Enhancing number portability to M2M services.

All the information on this event may be find here. Special attention given to the report that shall be submitted to the EMERG Plenary Assembly 2014, to take note and to approve.