Next 9-10 October, 2013, Barcelona, Spain, will be the hosting city for one more EMERG workshop, on MVNOs.

In order to tackle this subject, on an initial basis, this workshop aims at identifying the reasons for this divergence and sharing information on the involvement of regulators in decisions on why and how MVNO access is implemented. Furthermore, EMERG members will explore what the outcome of the introduction of MVNOs has been in terms of marketplace competition, and also assess the benefits for consumers and the impact on MNO business cases. Finally, by sharing know-how and comparing solutions that might be used by countries to review their policies on MVNO access, EMERG members will also be better able to implement any related regulatory intervention as may be necessary.

To this end, CMT, the spanish regulator and the hosting NRA of this workshop, has already confirmed the presence at this event of network and virtual operators speakers, together with CMT experts among others to be confirmed.

Finally, the workshop will produce a report that will provide a narrative of the discussed themes and will also present proposals for follow up activities, if that shall be the case.

From 11 to 12 September, it is taking place in Istanbul the EMERG workshop on number portability, being hosted by the Turkish regulator, ICTA. Participants attending to this event come from Tunisia, Spain, Portugal, Palestine, Morocco, Lebanon, Turkey, Italy, Israel, France, Egypt and Austria. The European Commission is also participating, assuring the presentation on the legal framework on number portability within the EU.

Number portability is a major instrument that is essential to ensure effective competition between electronic communications service providers.It has now been introduced in many of the EMERG member countries (at least in mobile communications markets) but not in all of them. Nevertheless, upon closer examination, the systems used vary enormously and their resulting effectiveness and efficiency is likely to vary as well.

This workshop in thus an opportunity for NRA experts to sit together, sharing information about the set-up of number portability mechanisms and their performance. Further, it may be useful to achieve a better understanding on this subject, identifying areas where approaches coincide and other areas where approaches diverge.

As such, by sharing know-how and comparing solutions, EMERG members can re-evaluate their own number portability frameworks and solutions. The workshop will produce a report that will provide a narrative of the discussed themes and will also present proposals for follow up activities, if any.


In the short term, there will be the workshop on MVNOs, in Barcelona, next 9-10 October, and the BEREC-EMERG joint workshop, which will take place in Brussels, in a date still to be confirmed.


The first EMERG/NATP3 Workshop during 2013 was on NGN investment and acces regulation and it took place in Nicosia, Cyprus, on 23rd and 24th April 2013.

Being the first workshop exploring this subject, it aimed at exploring the state of play with regard to NGA investment and access regulation. In specific, to take a closer look into regulatory dilemmas that have arisen and have NRAs share their respective countries’ experiences and how they have dealt with them. Unavoidably this led into a fruitful discussion of recent recommendations and guidelines of the European Commission and BEREC in relation to investment in next generation / fibre networks that ensure an environment that is conducive to new investment. At the end of the workshop the participants presented their country specific status and exchanged ideas on different approaches serving different markets.

All the information on this event may be find here. Special attention given to the report that shall be submitted to the EMERG Plenary Assembly 2014, to take note and to approve.

During the the 2013 Global Symposium for Regulators, held in Warsaw, from 2 to 5 July 2013, where EMERG participated in the Regulatory Association meeting, there was opportunity for the discussion of several subject with sectoral relevance (cf.GSR13 Discussion Papers and Presentations). One of those subjects was the Universal Service Fund Study, with special importance for the recent debate held within EMERG on the Universal Service funding. The topic was introduced by Ms. Lynne Dorward, from TMG, which presentation may be acceeded here.

Universal Service Fund Study, April 2013