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EMERG has participated this week at the 2013 Global Symposium for Regulators, held in Warsaw, from 2 to 5 July 2013, and particularly in the Regulatory Association meeting, where the actual Chair, Mrs. Fátima Barros, from ANACOM, has made a presentantion on EMERG and on its objectives and activities. It was also an occacion to establish contacts with other Regulator Groups.

See more info at Global Symposium for Regulators 2013 - Regulatory Associations Meeting.

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Through out these five years, important steps have been taken towards the growing sense of collegiality and close networking relations between experts from the members of EMERG. We may say that after five years, we recognize now results EMERGing from the seeds of cooperation, information interchange and best practices sharing. But, above all, we may now talk about a group of NRAs which members start to know each other closely, witnessed at the level of sharing, confidence and openess present through out the meetings, and that is an important contribution to approximation in the long term.

EMERG is now facing important challenges in the years to come. Stability, sustainabiliity and improvement are the polar stars that assist our daily activity towards the achivement not only of EMERG’s basic objective of strengthening cooperation, but also towards the 2013 three main areas of action: enhancing approximation, increasing regulatory cooperation and strengthening EMERG sustainability. EMERG is fully committed to its structural consolidation and external visibility, through an improved communication strategy, an active cooperation policy with other entities, and selective institutional contacts with the European Commission. Further, it is focused on its own activities, namely the workshops/Working Groups that lay the groundwork for the drafting of reports and positions that expect to be used in practice by NRAs.

Today, we all celebrate the persistence of EMERG and we hope that the future brings, at least, the same strengh from all its members to keep the commitment with this group, aiming at bridging the regulatory gaps in the Mediterranean region.

From 10 to 11 December 2012, it took place in Lisbon the meeting of the Contact Network Group of EMERG. This meeting prepared the documents to be submitted and approved by the 2013 Plenary, in particular the reports of the workshops held during 2012, the Benchmarking Report 2012 and the plan of activities for 2013.

The debate also addressed issues such as the funding of the European Commission to EMERG and bilateral relations with BEREC, as well as the future of EMERG. There was also the opportunity to analyze internal documents, such as the rules and procedures of the Permanent Secretariat. It was also presented the two regulators that will assume the Chair and the vice-Chair of the group in 2013 – ANACOM/Portugal and TRC/Jordan, respectively.

The 2012 EMERG Benchmark Conference will be held in Lisbon, on the 10th and 11th of December 2012, hosted by ANACOM, the portuguese electronic communications regulatory authority, as it is currently the vice-chairman of EMERG.